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Steve Goodwin has been involved in the inspection and building industry for over ten years.

Steve’s career has covered all aspects of home construction, and, to date has built over eighty homes. Apart from residential construction, Steve has been actively involved in remodeling and commercial building.  In addition, Steve has vast experience in electrical and plumbing systems, concrete foundations, framing, siding, roofing and drywall. His background in general contracting and maintenance lends solid “hands on” experience to his work as a home inspector.

Steve is certified by Inspection Training Associates (ITA). He is also a member of the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) and the Honolulu Board of Realtors. Steve is also committed to ongoing education through NAHI and ITA.

Steve Goodwin understands the emotions and views that the individual parties bring to a real estate transaction and uses tact and diplomacy when dealing with client’s sellers and agents alike.

He lives in Kailua, Oahu with his wife, three daughters and son.

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We will at all times show respect for our clients and all real estate agents during and after an inspection.

We will not favor one agent over another in our dealings with our clients. All agents are held in the same high regard.

We will not inform a client whether a property will hold its value or whether they should or should not purchase the property.

We will not comment on the workmanship of builders, homeowners or other inspectors in a derogatory manner.

We will be courteous and respectful of all clients and agents opinions.

Although we understand the time restraints and other commitments in the real estate business, please understand that we require a time period of 3.5 to 5 hours for the average inspection to be able to serve our clients.  Please allow for sufficient time when requesting our service.

We understand the need to fully explain and present our findings in such a manner that is informative, professional and non-alarming.

While we do not want to be the “DEAL BREAKER”, we do work for the client and must keep their needs foremost when performing the inspection.

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We are proud to be using the “MATRIX” reporting system for our general home inspections. This report provides the client with a detailed and easy to follow format that allows them to quickly assess the condition of the property.

The client receives a verbal report with a photo slide show at the end of the inspection. This is so the main issues and concerns are immediately addressed. The initial report is then E-mailed or faxed to the client and their broker within approximately 24 hours. Following this the client will receive a hard copy in the mail.

The Client receives the report at the conclusion of the inspection so concerns may be addressed promptly. The report is divided into 16 sections, each in triplicate. The following is included:

Contract: The contract entered in to by the client and the inspector.
Key: The key describes the conditions that the inspection was performed and explains the layout and symbols.
Grounds: Covers the landscape, retaining walls, fences, driveway, sidewalks, porch, decks and patios.
Exterior: Walls, stairs, trim, chimney, sprinklers, faucets and gutters.
Foundation: The grading, floor construction, crawl space, basement and slab on grade.
Roof: Style of roof, how inspected, roofing material and flashings.
Plumbing: Describes the condition of the main line, supply lines, waste lines, fuel system and the water heaters.
Heating: Describes the heating unit and condition, venting burners and distribution.
Cooling: Controls, filters, evaporative coolers and air conditioning.
Electrical: Service and conductors, main panels and any sub-panels, and an overview of the wiring and fixtures.
Interior: Describes all doors, windows, interior walls, ceilings and floors.
Interior 2: Describes the fireplace, smoke detectors, laundry, attic and interior features.
Garage: Describes the floors, walls, ceilings, doors, openers and electrical systems.
Kitchen: Describes the sinks and plumbing, electrical and disposal, range and cook top, dishwasher and any special features.
Bathrooms: Toilets, sinks and cabinets, bathtub, showers and venting.
Pool/Spa: Describes the pool and pump condition as well as the spa.
Summary: Lists the “areas of concern”, maintenance issues and other observations that the inspector has found along with detailed photos.

We can also provide a copy of the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) Standards of Practice and a Guide to Home Maintenance to complete the package.

To view samples of the MATRIX REPORT click on the following link:

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