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A home inspection provides a visual assessment of the condition of a property. It is used to report on any major defects affecting the habitability of the building and it’s grounds. An inspector will check on all of the major components including: the exterior, foundation, basement, plumbing and electrical systems, heating and air conditioning, interior fixtures and appliances.


Understanding the condition of the purchase and how the components function just makes good sense. The inspector provides an un-biased evaluation so that the purchaser can make an informed decision regarding repairs and maintenance. By utilizing a home inspector, the client will avoid the need and expense associated with hiring several different trades people to assess individual components. The inspector is a generalist who can advise the client whether or not specialized personnel are required to perform further investigation. A home inspection will not eliminate all of the risk involved in a real estate transaction, but it will better inform you of a homes' condition.


Advantage Hawaii Home Inspections will provide you with a thorough and professional assessment on the condition of the property and its operating systems. We have the experience, knowledge and training in the inspection and building trades and are backed up by solid hands on experience.



We are engaged in the business of assisting people to make informed decisions concerning a home’s structure, major components and operating systems. We work for our clients, not a third party. Our commitment is to provide you with the appropriate tools to safeguard your investment and home.

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We work for you.
We are independent and impartial.
We are your advantage in today’s real estate market.


This is the most common form of inspection. It allows the buyer engaged in escrow to have a qualified individual (the inspector) to visually inspect and report on the general condition of the property. This form of inspection is commonly referred to as a c51in a real estate contract. This inspection can be compared to you seeing a family doctor for a check up. Any potential problems can be addressed and referred to a specialist if needed. The client or client’s agent is usually required to be present at the end of the inspection to receive the written report and an oral presentation to explain and or show the findings. Payment is normally required at this time.

This inspection allows the prospective seller to discover and disclose potential problems in a property. This way repairs can be completed prior to the property being listed for sale. This inspection has the advantage of resolving issues before they become deal breakers in escrow. This can save time and additional costs from being incurred. In addition, a pre-listing inspection can support the seller’s disclosure statement and help put the buyer at ease.

We perform inspections on commercial property and multi- family apartment buildings.
Our Commercial reports are customized for our clients needs. Depending on the complexity of the inspection, Advantage Hawaii will out- source certain areas of the property. Advantage Hawaii uses only qualified and licensed experts to ensure that our clients receive the professional service that they demand. Commercial reports are estimated and billed at an hourly rate.

This inspection keeps the owner of a property aware of potential problems. The problems can be stopped early before they become serous issues. We would inspect the property and prepare a report that allows the owner to schedule repairs and maintenance on a regular basis.

This type of inspection is performed on an hourly rate. It is used to report on the standards and techniques used during the various construction phases. This inspection will not replace the role of city building inspectors and is not used to report on building code violations. It is utilized to provide an experienced “eye” on behalf of the buyers or owners.

This inspection is performed on an hourly rate and is used as an aid for the buyer as they do the final walk through at a property. This is ideal for a new home where the buyer doesn’t require a full inspection. The inspector can walk through as a casual observer as the buyer and seller conduct their business. A summary of points is presented at the conclusion.

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